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Aided Display Name: Donating a month of groceries

Category: Stuff

Aider Goal: 500.00

Aided Recieved: 550.00

Aider Location: Canada

Aided Location: Canada

Date Start: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 10:45

Date Finish: Friday, September 4, 2020 - 17:45

Leader: Par Ebrahimi

A few years ago, an elderly woman who retired in Toronto went to the United States to live with her daughter, so she told the pension agency he was leaving and his salary was naturally cut. After a few years when her daughter's condition worsened, they returned to Canada just before the corona outbreak to seek treatment for their daughter here. They rented an apartment in Toronto because of its proximity to the hospital. After a while, due to the high cost of their daughter's medicine, their savings were almost exhausted and they were introduced to us by a dear friend in our city. At first, we thought she needed a friend, but we immediately learned that their situation was worse than being able to calm them down.

And your help:

- "Freshteh Nikkhah" is supposed to help this lady re-establish her pension, which will solve an important part of their problems.

- If you remember, this lady needs a walker and the help of someone who can take her to the bus to get a seat. In this part, too, "Freshteh Nikkhah", whose name is certainly worthy of his good deeds in this city, has volunteered for this work.

- Since this family did not have anything at home at the moment, we took a list of their requests and bought it for them yesterday and delivered it, and a photo and receipt and a list of them will be attached. (One or two items were not on their list, but I thought they would probably need them and I got them)

- This lady needed a big pad almost "one meter by 75 cm", but we did not find it, and if it is not found in stores tomorrow, we will have to order it online.

- She wanted some cheap clothes, including blouses, pants, and loose shirts that we did not have the opportunity to buy (we were exactly in the middle of the road) and did not know what size to take and we thought food is more important now and it is better to get it faster and we can buy these things in the next series.


The donations totaled $ 550 and the total list below was $ 439.34.

We currently have $ 110 and 66 cents. We will probably leave the next purchase for the next two weeks when "Ghazal "volunteered to buy and deliver the next series.



Zahra Akhavian

Mahshid Soleimanpour

Mehrdokht Hadi

Negin Nazemzadeh

Marjan Delavar

Aria Alavi

Azita Arbabi

Nasim Javaherian

Gity Moosapour

Mahshid Modirnia

Nazanin Azmoon

Khatereh Azarfar

Maryam Farzane Nejad


Shopping list:

3 layer mask: 2 packs

Chicken breast: 6 pieces

Chicken thighs: 6 pieces

Muscle meat: 1 and half kilos

Eggs: 1 pack

Butter: 1 pack

Cocoon: Two packs

Lentils: Two packs

Halva Ardeh: 2 boxes

Saffron: One ounce

Lemon juice: 1 glass

Vegetable pilaf: one package

Crushed vegetables: 1 pack

Pomegranate Rice: A 10-pound package

Barbary bread: 2 pieces

Toast: 2 packs

Cheese: 1 kg box

Candy: 1 pack

Raisins: 1 pack

Olive oil: 1 pc

Body Liquid Soap: 2 cans

Soap liquid: 2 cans

Wipe: 2 box

Dishwasher tablets: 1 large box

Apple juice: 2 cans

orange juice: 2 cans

Tide washing liquid (because their daughter is undergoing chemotherapy must be odorless): 2 box

Sanitary pad: 2 packs

Dishwashing liquid large: 1 pc

Simple chips: 4

Large and small zippers: 2 from each

Kitchen napkins: 2 packs

Toilet paper: two packs

Two packs of 100 gloves and a large bottle of alcohol: donated